Measures to be taken when a Website Hosting Account is Suspended

A panic attack immediately sets in when one gets acquainted with the fact that their website has been suspended by the web host. Zillions of questions like, Why did it happen? Will I ever be able to get my website back with all the details? Would it have been misused by someone else? And many more to jot down. Under such circumstances, it is advised to stay calm and not panic. On the contrary, instead of panicking and wasting time utilize that time to get the possible solutions and ways to recover the website and its details back.

What does this account has been suspended mean?

Website account has been suspended is a situation where the hosting provider offline the website and one is not able to find it back on any search engine. This might panic the website owner as well as the people related to the website. This might also affect the income generated by the website owner through the website and disturb one mentally. Website hosting account suspension also lowers the goodwill of the website owner and people might lose the trust of years associated with the website and its services.

What are the possible reasons for your account has been suspended?

Website suspension by hosting provider can be done due to various reasons such as:

  • Malicious content of the website – Content that can be vulnerable and harmful for the site should be removed immediately. It not just lowers the website engagement but also lowers the trust of the people visiting the website. People are not able to trust the website if their personal information is disclosed and misused. Malware cleaning is affordable and an easy task.
  • Malware affecting the web server – The web host service provider can put your website down to protect their server. Many other websites are using the same server(Shared Hosting), hence malware detected in one website can harm other websites too. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the web host to detect the malicious website and put it down to ensure the complete safety of other running websites.
  • Malware affecting the other websites sharing the same server – As explained above sharing the same server might make the security of all the websites a fragile topic. Hence the host runs a random scan of all the running websites in its server and detects the harmful ones. Once the malicious website is detected the host immediately puts it down and informs the website owner to have a check at the malware to get the website online again as soon as possible.

How does one know about website hosted account suspension?

Website suspension can be detected when one tries to log in to the website to access the details then a message displays on the screen reading, “Please contact your hosting provider for details?”. This ceases the access of the website to the owner and other people connected to it.

What are the measures to be taken when your website account has been suspended?

Web site suspension can be a matter of reputation earned for years in the market for a website owner. Hence it needs to be cured immediately to avoid further damage. Measures to be taken in case of a website account suspended are as follows:

  • Self-Analysis – In case if the website owner has a good hand on technology and technical knowledge then one can clean the malware by self. After cleaning the malicious content have a check of the other files to know their safety levels and content too. This helps to have a security check first hand and keep one updated about the safety check too. After a complete scan, one can contact their hosting provider to have a re-scan and get the website online and in functionality.
  • Contacting a Skilled Web Developer – A skilled web Developer can help one to get rid of malicious content and remove the malware damaging the website. Web developers have direct contact with the web hosts too. Hence, they can get the correct guidance about the various regulations to be followed to bring the website back online.

Therefore, it is advised to consult a skilled and professional web developer to lower the causes of website suspension and get the suspended website back to the business. Getting a suspended website account online back is not just a matter of relief for the owner but also the people and customers associated with it. The trust of the years is maintained and the website is also able to gain new customers as well.

The Bottom Line

The bottom-line states that the security of the website is first-hand the responsibility of the website owner. Hence one should always keep the website and its plugins updated. One should also lower the vulnerabilities to avoid malware attacks. Once the malware is identified it should immediately fix your hacked website. This helps to avoid getting your website account suspended and can damage the server too!!!

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