Best Server Hosting for Minecraft Players

This pandemic has made people lazy and unexcited about their daily schedule. Listening to music, gardening, cooking, and playing games, were some of the highly practiced activities this pandemic time. playing games is loved by all. Though playing outdoors was not possible but mobile games were the best time pass.

Minecraft is one of the best video games developed by Swedish developer Markus Persson in 2011. The game was a huge hit and still remains to be!!! It is said, the game sold over 200 million copies within a small-time span after its launch. The game allows the play to enjoy adventure while building 3D models. Building these blocks proves to be fun and exciting. The video game is also known as the ‘Sandbox’. 

No one likes lagging while playing games. Everyone enjoys a smooth connection. To serve the purpose one needs to have better server hosting. Let us have a look at the advantages of having better web server hosting:

  • Improved performance
  • Better control
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Greater uptime and low latency
  • Saving device resources

Let us have a look at some of the reliable and best servers to enjoy Minecraft without lagging and any obstacles:

  1. ScalaCube

ScalaCube is one of the best and smoothest web servers to support Minecraft. It allows one to download 1000+ mod packs to set up the server easily without any hassle. It also supports Standard, PaperMC, Spigot, and FTB. Modifications in the ScalaCube launcher allow your friend to join the server with your launcher. The control panel includes web applications like PHP, MySQL, and Apache. ScalaCube allows you to choose the best server nearest to your location. The server reduces latency to let you cherish your gaming experience. The server also ensures the safety of the gamer and protects one from DDoS attacks. 

  1. Apex Hosting

Apex hosting makes it easy and affordable for the player to create a Minecraft server. The player just needs to select the size and version of the server. The rest of the settings are taken care of by Apex. Apex hosting also allows one to change the size and version accordingly. Various available inbuilt modifications allow one to have easy access to your account. With the help of 1-Pack mod packs, one can easily install the best plugins for the best gaming experience. It tries to ensure 99.9% of uptime. It also provides DDoS protection to keep your server safe and secured. 

  1. Vultr

Vultr allows the player to customize the server and install mods on Minecraft which can be deployed in a click. The performance of servers helps to improve the gaming experience and avoid lagging. The services provided by Vultr and easy to use make it a highly-opted Minecraft hosting. 

  1. GGServers

GGServers use the best processors to make your gaming experience the best one. It also provides unmatched storage for SSDs and NVMe. It allows one to choose and install the server of one’s own choice with just a click. You can also swap the server with mod packs anytime you wish to. GGServers supports servers like Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, Twitch, FTB, Forge, Bukkit, Pixelmon, and many more. 

  1. Shockbyte

Shockbyte has offered servers to Minecraft since 2013 and is a well-renowned one in the gaming community. All the hosting plans of Shockbyte are up-to-date with the latest editions to enjoy auto-updates. It supports servers like CraftBukkit, Spigot, Forge, and many more. Without disturbing the current settings one can change the server, plugins, mods, and plan. Shockbyte makes your gaming experience by providing a color-coded console, DDR4 RAM for faster performance, and various task scheduling options. 

  1. CubedHost

Easy to use and powerful, Cubedhost allows one to have a smooth and lagging-free gaming experience with various other helpful features. It can be set up easily without much time-consumption to allow one to enjoy a quick gaming experience. It lets one browse files, add plugins, install mod packs, without lagging your gaming time. 

  1. PebbleHost

PebbleHost is another pocket-friendly and easy-to-use hosting service for Minecraft. They empower the player with enterprise-level hardware, sub-user support, Java 8 support, and task scheduling for free. Its control panel is not complicated and stable to use. One can manage functions, like running commands, stop the server, manage plugins, and auto-reboot with ease. To ensure the complete privacy of the gamer the hosting service provides one with 2-factor authentication, a built-in firewall manager, and DDoS protection.        

  1. Seekahost

Seekahost provides one with premium servers to enjoy playing Minecraft. One can enjoy a multiplayer game with its servers as well. To enhance your gaming experience, they power their CPUs with 6GB RAM and 5GHz speed. All their plans include unmetered usage and NVMe or SSD storage. One can create a server in their local data center to lower latency. They provide an anti-DDoS solution in all their servers to keep one protected from harmful and malicious attacks. 

  1. RAMShard

RAMShard is a pocket-friendly and best server for Minecraft. All of its packages include unlimited slots, storage, and disk space. They provide high-speed data to players all across the globe. For a smooth gaming-experience, they provide NVMe or SSDs, and a 1 Gbps uplink. For easy account handling RAMShard provides the player with a Multicraft 2.0 control panel. They provide one with DDoS protection as well. 

  1. Nodecraft

Nodecraft provides easy server access for a quick gaming-experience. The custom interface- Node Panel 2 makes its use easy and mobile-friendly. They offer 28 games to swap one with for an engaging and enjoyable gaming time. one can install plugins, mod packs, and change configurations with ease. They provide more than 100 mod packs. Its automatic updates allow one to enjoy obstructed-free gaming time. It allows 12 customers on a single device without any lagging issues. 

  1. MCProHosting

A famous platform established in 2011, MCProHosting offers a smooth and easy server setup for Minecraft. MCProHosting provides unrestricted disk space with other beneficial resources for an enjoyable gaming hour. They have also developed iOS and Android applications which makes one operate the server on a mobile easily too!! 


Listed above are some of the best servers to support Minecraft. They not just merely improve one’s gaming experience but also protect the player from a DDoS attack and various other malicious activities. The servers above also provide the player with various other functions to keep updated with the latest technology.

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