How to Reinstate a Suspended Pantheon Website?

Pantheon is a WebOps platform helpful to manage all the functions of your website. Pantheon supports WordPress and Drupal websites. They help to manage functions like database management, managing portfolio, improve productivity, and perform various other functions. A pantheon website might suspend your account and website due to various reasons. In such cases, you can see a blank screen when you log into your website or a dialog box with a message to unable to open your website.

Reasons of Suspension of Pantheon Website

Let us have a look at some of the reasons why a Pantheon website can be suspended:

  • Infected website
  • Payment overdue
  • Protection of other websites

Steps to Recover a Suspended Pantheon Website

  1. Contact Support

Contacting a support system is one of the first and basic steps to be followed. They can assist you with the reason for your account suspension. To contact support one can mail them along with the website details. The details include the complete URL of the website, types of hosting account, and your pantheon account details. If you have lost your website account’s original data due to malicious content then one can also ask for the data backup. Contact support immediately helps the individual with the suspended account to guide through the reasons of suspension and also to the steps to recover them.   

  1. Access the Damage

After contacting Pantheon one needs to wait until the complaint is looked after. By the time one can access their website and look out for the possible issues. One can have a talk with their visitors about the issues faced before the website was suspended. One can also inquire about other illegal advertisements running before the website suspension. This also helps to know about the type of attack done by hackers on the website. This can assist one to know the preventive measures to be taken after the account is reinstated. 

  1. Get Rid of Google Blacklisting

Your website being blacklisted by Google is one of the biggest defaming things and disadvantages for your website. Hence, it is necessary to get your website out of the Google blacklist. Even after your website is been unsuspended by Pantheon one should have a check at the Google Blacklist to know the status of your website. To do this one needs to perform a certain procedure. Follow the steps mentioned below to remove your website from Google Blacklist:

  • Confirm if the website is blacklisted by Google
  • Have a look at the damages done to your website by hackers
  • Scan the website to detect malware and immediately clean it
  • Submit a review request of your website to Google and get your website out of the Google Blacklist
  1. Update Website

Updating the website is another method one can follow to keep it at a bay from being hacked. One should always keep their WordPress core files, themes, and plugins updated. This helps to avoid vulnerabilities and prying of hackers for the website. Using the latest version of WordPress also helps to strengthen the security of the website and allow one to use its functions smoothly without any interruption.  

  1. Backup and Refresh Account

If Pantheon is not able to provide you with your original backups due to the hack attack then one should be prepared with the backups available with them. One should scan the backups completely and then restore them. This helps to compare the original files with the affected ones and identify the malicious and harmful files. To do the procedure one needs to install a fresh, virus-free, and latest version of WordPress. Then one needs to unzip the downloaded file. These files are then needed to be uploaded back to the hosting account. Now one can upload the virus-free backups here and start over again. The whole procedure is not a cakewalk. Hence, it is advised to take technical help in such cases for the procedure to be followed step by step the proper way. 

  1. Scan the Website to Detect Malware

Though Pantheon helps you to detect files with malware but to be on the safer side one should scan the whole website on their own too. This helps one to double-check and identify the malware that might be missed by Pantheon. All malware scanners might not help you with deep scanning. Therefore, in such cases, a reliable malware scanner like MalCare can help you identify the malware injected into the core files of your website. MalCare Security Scanner helps you to detect the changes that occurred in the original files of the website. It also helps to detect complex malware that might be unnoticeable for other security plugins.  

  1. Clean the Malware from your Website

After following all the steps mentioned above you are well-knowledge about the malware located in various files of your website. So the next step involves cleaning all these malicious files to save your time. The more you delay the cleaning procedure, the more you defame your website and its reputation among regular visitors. 

Hence, it is necessary to get rid of the malware completely soon. If you are not well-knowledgeable to remove malware manually then it is advised to take the help of a security plugin to get the website cleaned at the earliest possible time. Reliable plugins like MalCare can help one to perform the procedure. The Security Scanner helps to detect complex malware and allows the website to get rid of it easily within no time. It also doesn’t require you to have technical knowledge as the cleaning process is just a click away.   

  1. Re-scan your Website

To ensure the complete safety of your website it is advised to re-scan it. There are times when the website owners are in a rush to save time and get their website back to business as early as possible. In this hush, they might not be able to pay attention to the malware hidden deep in the core files. Therefore, before initiating the final step on getting the website online one should re-scan the whole website to avoid its re-hacking. 

  1. Inform Pantheon

After cleaning the website completely mail Pantheon about it. Request Pantheon to get your website online as you have performed all the cleaning procedures and your website is free from all forms of malware. Assure them that the incident won’t happen again. Also, inform them about the steps taken by you to clean your website to provide them with complete information. If all goes well then the website can be seen online within an hour. 


The following write-up informs one about the steps to be followed in case if Pantheon has suspended your website. One should not just be concerned about the content to be uploaded on the website, but should also be worried about its security. If your website is managed by a public web host then it might affect the other websites sharing the same host. Therefore, the web host immediately removes the malicious website and then informs the owner. To avoid such situations one can give a read to the write-up to protect their website.

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