How to Resolve a Suspended Hosting Account?

We often find warning pop-ups or messages displaying on our web page as your account has been suspended, the page you are trying to reach is suspended, and various similar messages. Such messages immediately panic the website owner and the person hushes to find the reason behind it. It can lower the image of the website owner and the front face of the business as well. Therefore, one must immediately repair such issues and get rid of the detrimental effects. 

Let us have a look at some of the possible reasons that can lead to such situations:

  1. Mishandling of Terms and Conditions

There are certain terms and conditions of the web host that one needs. A breach or unfollowing any of these rules might lead to the suspension of the account. Therefore, it is necessary to follow such rules and regulations. Not obeying the rules immediately leads to suspension and a cause of worry for the website owner.

  1. Pending Payment

If the dues of the web host are pending then they have the right to suspend your account. Most of the time such payments are automated and immediately deducted from the account every month. In case one ceases such service, there are high chances of suspension of the account. Therefore, ensure proper payment of the web host to avail the services.

  1. Over Usage of Resources

In the case of a free hosting service, there is no restriction or suspension of the account. But in the case of a paid service if the website exceeds the service usage limits then the host can suspend your account. Therefore, it is advised to ensure the usage of the service and stay updated about termination time.

  1. Over Usage of CPU

Most of the time the website server does not have any limitations on the usage of CPU. But if in case your web host does have limitations on its usage then it might be the reason for the suspension of the account. In case if you overuse the CPU then to protect other websites from being damage the web host might suspend your website and services.

Website Issues

  • Malware Injection – your website can also be suspended if any virus or malware is found on your website. In case your web server is being shared by other websites then to protect them from the virus the web host might suspend your account. Malware injection disturbs the functioning of the website and disturbs the image of the business as well. 
  • Hacking – A hacked account can also be the reason for account suspension by the web host. Sharing the same web host leads to disturbance of other websites if found in one. Therefore, removal of the infected website is the only solution. Therefore, the web host immediately suspends a suspicious website to protect others as well. 
  • Phishing Mails – Phishing is one of the common methods to hack a website. Search engines like Google keep on scanning the websites to keep a check on their activity and detect phishing emails too. In case of a website is found often receiving phishing emails then the website is suspended by the search engine. This helps to maintain the safety standards of the search engine.

Steps to Avoid Suspension of Account

  • One can make use of a proxy connection to get rid of any network issues. 
  • Always have a backup of your files. This helps to keep the data of the website safe and secured. 
  • Once the backup is done it is advised to transfer it to another web host to lower the downtime of the current host. 
  • Inform your visitors and clients about the on-going process to keep them safe and secured. Try to communicate with them through other sources as well. 

Steps to Heal a Suspended Account

  • Ensure that your website has been suspended or is it just a network issue. One can easily have it just with the help of a proxy website. 
  • Contact the hosting company that helps you to find the root cause of the issue. If malware is inspected on your website then they might help you to find the malicious files and codes. If it is a payment issue then they also guide you to resolve it as well. 
  • In case if it is a malware issue then one needs to remove it or take professional help for more beneficial tips. 


The following article is a guiding read for website owners to get acquainted with the possible issues of account suspension. The write-up also includes ways to get rid of it as well. Therefore, one must always be ensured of their website security and immediately patch the loopholes that can work against the website

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