12 Safe & Reliable Services to Clean your Hacked Website

A hacked website is a disaster for people running their business online. It disturbs the functioning of the website and in worst cases disrupts the whole business as well!!! Sometimes the hack is so clever and clean that the website owner is unable to rectify it for a few days. Therefore, it is always advised to keep a check on your website’s activities and always run a random scan for it as well. This helps to maintain stability and to be aware of the happenings of the website as well. 

A safe and reliable scanner is all one needs to keep the website safe and secure. Let us have a look at a few of them and know the other benefits of using these scanners:


SUCURI is one of the trusted and highly used website scanners. It does not just help to clean an affected website it also helps to prevent future hacks. Therefore, various companies rely on its trusted and helpful services to keep their website safe and secure. It also provides one with beneficial services like:

  • Google blacklist
  • Malware Injections
  • Defacement 
  • SEO Spam
  • Phishing 
  • Malicious redirect
  • Backdoors
  • Google warning
  1. SiteGuard

SiteGuard is another helpful and well-known website scanner helping huge platforms like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and many such. The scanner helps one to immediately notify in case of a website hacked and get it cleaned as well. The website scanner identifies the pathways through which a website is hacked and helps them to patch immediately. One in search of a daily and regular scanning procedure for their website can opt for SiteGuard. They ensure the best of their services to maintain loyalty with their users and clients. The scanner provides benefits like daily scan, SEO reputation, phishing attacks, and various such malicious activities.  

  1. Wordfence

Wordfence is a well-reputed scanner as well. It identifies the root cause of the attack and helps one recover from it easily. Platforms like WordPress and Joomla use Wordfence too. There is a high amount of WordPress users to use a Wordfence plugin to ensure complete safety!!! This helps them to not just identify the cause of the hack but also to find the way through which a hacker seeped into one’s website and core files. Wordfence provides its users a complete scanned report of the website and also helps one to suggest ways and methods prevent future hacks. 

  1. Fix My Site 

Fix My site is a paid service. It powers WordPress too. The scanner performs a detailed scan of the website. The first step involves scanning the complete website and identifying the malicious pages and files. The next steps scan these affected files and clean them up safely and securely. The final step involves hardening the security of the website to cease re-hacking and making it difficult for hackers to seep in through. 

  1. SiteGuarding

In case if you are in a hurry to get your website cleaned and get back to the working field again then SiteGuarding is one of the best options. It helps one to clean the whole website within 3 hours. This highly benefits the website owner to lower the damages done and recover any loss that occurred. It also provides services like:

  • Core Files Check
  • Backdoor Removal
  • SQL/XXL Protection
  • Blacklist Removal from Search Engines
  • Website Acceleration
  1. Malcare

Malcare is a highly used scanner by people using WordPress websites.  It helps to detect malicious pages, links, and codes and clean them too. This gives relief to WordPress users and maintains their trust with the platform as well. 

  1. Web Malware Remover

Web Malware Remover is a complete website protection scanner and helps one to get a complete solution. It helps t protect the website by removing malware, malicious codes and files, hacked themes and plugins, removal of backdoors, and various such services. It also helps to scan the whole website and cease the pathways through which the hackers can re-hack a website. The scanner also ensures, if the website is hacked again within 4 weeks then they refund the client’s money. Hence, they have a huge and satisfied clientele. 

  1. Astra

Astra is a highly used website scanner. It is used by professional and government sites as well. It provides complete protection from removing malware, removing backdoors, spam or malicious links, and various such factors to have complete and ensured safety. Most of the people opt for it for complete safety and least loss of business. It ensures preventing future hacks as well.

  1. Fixed

Fixed helps to scan your whole website. It helps one to get rid of issues like backdoors, malicious links, and codes, hacked pages, hacked themes and plugins, and various such issues. It provides a detailed scan of the website and also helps in analyzing the pathways that help to seep into the website. 

  1. One Hour Site Fix

As the name says, One Hour Site Fix is a scanner that helps to scan your website quickly and easily within an hour. The scanner scans the whole website and finds the malicious pages, codes, backdoors, vulnerabilities, and various such infected things. This quick scan helps one to ensure that isn’t blacklisted by search engines anymore. 

  1. Hack Repair

Hack Repair is the creation of the famous hacked website healer, Jim Walker. He helps one to clean the site completely and help one get free of malicious content and run the website smoothly and steadily. The scanner scans the website and gives an overall report along with fixing the issues within an hour. 

  1. Site lock

Site lock helps to clean a website overall as well. It helps to get rid of vulnerabilities, affected themes and plugins, malicious spams, phishing, SQL OR XSS attacks, and various such issues. 


The following article is helpful for website owners to scroll through some beneficial and helpful website scanners. The above-mentioned scanners are the best and reliable in the field of website scanning. Scanning is an essential part of the website as it helps to maintain its security and have a check on the activities of it as well.

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