Undiscovered and Better Performing Browsers

Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, are some of the well-renowned and highly used browsers to fulfill your search query. Though these browsers are highly used by people worldwide few among them do not assure you complete and end-to-end encryption. Hence, various other undiscovered browsers assure you the safety and security of your data. These browsers are fast and easy to use too. They all keep the visitor’s data safe and avoid the data being hacked as well. 

Let us have a look at few such browsers that can work as a replacement for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and get acquainted with their additional features too:

  1. Brave

Brave is an open-source browser. The browser guarantees quick performance and complete safety of the visitor. It also allows one to earn through respective and appropriate commercials. This helps to respect the time of the visitor and allows one to gain utmost benefits from Brave. It can be easily operated on Windows, macOS, Linux, and on your mobile phones. The high-speed browser helps one to download videos, PDFs, music, and images at a higher speed than your regular browser. The security and safety parameters of the browser keep the data of the visitor safe and secured. One can also opt for no-add browsing along with blocking malicious websites too. 

  1. Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser helps one to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. The browser helps one to improve the browsing experience by blocking malicious and spammy content. The browser also ensures that your data is safe and secure. It avoids hackers to hack the data and leak your confidential information. The built-in security feature of the browser helps to keep the data safe and sound. It also avoids hackers to hack confidential information or misuse the visitor’s data. The multi-layer security feature of the browser helps to avoid online tracking. 

  1. Polarity

Polarity is an efficient browser that consumes less CPU and RAM power. The browser is powered by Chromium and Trident. The browser can be used for windows along with its Android version. It is a lightweight browser for an excellent browsing experience. Polarity has an in-built feature called POLARSHOT. It allows one to capture the screen or a specific area of the screen without the installation of the plugin. 

  1. Tor

Tor is also known as Onion-Browser is a safe and quick browser for a smooth browsing experience. Other browsers use your IP address to know your location and send you commercials according to your browsing experience. But the same pattern isn’t followed by Tor. The various security and encryption layers of the nodes of the network helps to filter your private information and keep you at a bay from unwanted advertisements.  It can be operated on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Tor is highly used by journalists, law enforcement officers, activists, who need to keep their identity anonymous and gain confidential information without being tracked by any hacker. 

  1. Tenta

Tenta is a highly-secured web browser to keep your browsing data safe and confidential. The browser is available for Android iOS. It not just helps to keep the data safe but encrypts it as well. Similar to chrome, Tenta is a private viewing incognito window as well. Let us have a look at some of the useful and healthy features of the browser:

  • Private bookmarks
  • No login information
  • Automatic VPN connections
  • Data encryption
  • Clear search history
  • Anonymous identity
  1. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is an opera-based browser that allows its users for customization. The users can customize their browsing experience according to their preference. The browsing history helps the browser to show you results according to your preferences and choices rather than showing you unwanted results. Features like the background to start, tab positioning, and color schemes, are some of the interesting features of the browser.  One of the attractive features of Vivaldi is you can browse 2 pages simultaneously and create notes. 

  1. Min Browser

Min is an open-source browser. It is compatible with Mac OS and Linux. The search bar of the browser helps to provide you quick results even before you finish typing your query!!! It is possible with the help of DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia entries, and other query-related sources. The enhanced convenience of the browser allows one to open the next tab in the current tab. The built-in feature of Min helps to block malicious ads, links, and pages. It also helps to block unwanted advertisements and disturbing pop-ups. 

  1. JonDo Browser 

JonDo browser helps to keep one’s identity anonymous. Hence it is helpful for people who wish to retrieve confidential information for the welfare of society. It helps to provide quick results and allows safe browsing. Its features are similar to Tor browsers to keep the identity hidden. One can install it on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Let us have a glance at some of the advantageous features of JonDo:

  • Trusted browser
  • Full of features like responsibility, independence, and knowledge
  • Global distribution across the globe
  • High speed and efficient
  • Safe-browsing
  • Anonymous chatting, browsing, and surfing
  1. Yandex

Yandex works exactly like Google. The browser is used in Russia. It provides quicker and smoother results to the visitor. Yandex has an in-built antivirus that helps to scan the downloaded data without any external or additional plugin. 

  1. Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon is a Mozilla Firefox-based browser. The in-built scanner of the browser helps to scan the web pages searched to detect any malicious pages and block them immediately. The browser is compatible with windows. For a safer and quicker browsing experience, one can opt for Comodo’s public DNS. 


The above-mentioned browsers are some of the best alternatives for Chrome. These browsers ensure one safe and trail-free experience. These browsers are dependable and allow one to browse for confidential information anonymously. Hence, they are highly used by undercover agents, journalists, and people associated with the government department. 

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