Best File Server Monitoring Tools and Software for Enhanced Storage

Storage is one of the integral parts of any system. May it be any device, a phone, computer, or a laptop, we all need a huge and enhanced storage to store our various forms of files. Therefore, it is necessary to have good storage to keep the data secure and prevent its deletion. 

What is a file server?

A file server is a central server that allows the existing clients to use the server’s storage capacities. The procedure requires the use of both, the required software system and hardware tools. This gives access to the connected users to upload, create, connect, or delete the files on the server. The server administrator has the right to decide whether files are to be viewed by the users or the group of the clients. The administrator also has the right to decide the data of which files can be altered or changed. 

One of the biggest advantages of a file server is that a connected client or a user can access the allowed files remotely. This helps the clients to change the data of the files even when they are traveling to a certain place away from their workspace. Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, can be used on a file server until the network is compatible with the operating system. Along with storage, the file server is also used as a backup server for the vital and necessary files. A file server also helps one to keep confidential data safe and secured. This lowers the chances of getting important information hacked. 

Best File Server Monitoring Tools and Software

It is not manually possible to have a look at each file and folder. Therefore, in such times one needs a reliable and manageable file server tool to serve the purpose. Let us have a look at a few of them:

  1. SolarWinds File Monitoring Software

The file monitoring software from SolarWinds ensures to monitor your file servers and manage them without any hassle. The software comes bundled with its server and application monitor for easy management. The software allows you to observe in detail if any changes occur in the file server. it also allows one to observe file age, file size, file count, and title. The track monitoring helps one to note the unwanted changes and correct them accordingly. The built-in file server templates easily offer the data about the server one needs to know the changes happening in the file. With the help of SolarWinds file server management software, one also receives a notification about the unwanted happenings of the file server and helps to manage them easily. 

  1. Atera

Atera is highly used by IT departments as they provide the best management options for your servers and various other system issues. Departments that have various sites to manage find Atera the best file server managing software. Atera Remote Monitoring and Management helps one to stay equipped with all the necessary tools to manage a server smoothly and efficiently. Atera provides one with real-time server monitoring to keep a check on all the changes that have occurred in the server. It also points to one with the server capacity being used by the various files in it. One can also have a look at the timely reports of the server that defines the unwanted activities of the server to stop them immediately. 

  1. Netwrix

Netwrix Auditors are available for Windows-based file servers. They help one to identify who is making changes in the file server and inform one about the wrong activities being carried on. The file server management tool suggests preventive measures to keep the server safe and secure. It immediately shows up any changes or modifications made in the files of the server. one can have a look at the reports of the server anytime to know the current changes and conditions. Segregation of files according to the data helps in easy file management.  

  1. ManageEngine File Server Auditing

ManageEngine’s file server auditing reflects the changes and modifications made in the file server. This makes it easy to rectify the wrong change made and correct them in a safe period. The software audits the file and folder access. It also provides one with snapshots of any file changes that occurred and the people who are using the access granted to the file server. it closely observes activities like file deletion, file changes, and renaming. One can also monitor the file integrity for better performance. 

  1. FileAudit

FileAudit is a file monitoring device that helps in data management and different regulatory authority. The software allows one to monitor the files and their activities. This helps to rectify the incorrect activities and cease them immediately. The software also provides one with easy tips to manage the files and then recommend steps to keep the unwanted stuff out of the picture. Procedures like reading, creating, and deletion of files are monitored continuously. The software creates graphical reports for a better understanding of the file server statistics and better decision-making.

  1. NetFort

NetFort allows deep inspection of the file server for better management and helps in the right decision-making. The software monitors all the activities carried in the file server and detects the harmful ones too. NetFort also provides one with information like usernames, file names, IP addresses of the users, server names, data volume, and much more. It also helps in the tracking of sensitive and confidential files, data, and folders. One can also track the file server activities from remote locations. 

  1. DirectoryMonitor  

DirectoryMonitor observes changes made to the file server in real-time. This helps to keep an eye on the recent actions performed on the server. Detects the changes and also the ones who have performed the changes for better server management. The software also provides text logs for future references. It also sends vital notifications through emails, sound notifications, and database records. 

  1. FolderChangesView

This tool from Nirsoft is the best one to monitor selected files and data. It doesn’t require installation or any DLL files. This helps to monitor the server with limited computer resources. The software allows exporting the file to various formats. One can easily translate the log-in information into more than 20 languages for a better understanding of the concept. 


File server monitoring tools are helpful for the people and organizations handling multiple servers at the same time. such tools are helpful to observe any changes occurring in the files and the data and immediately cease the incorrect happenings.

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