Ways to Detect SQL Injection in a Website

SQL (Structured Query Language) Injection Attack is one of the highly practiced attacks by hackers. The procedure involves injecting malicious SQL codes to hack a website. This gives access to the hacker to get through the core files and attain all the personal information of the website and the owner too!!! Therefore, one should always perform security scans on their website. 

There are various forms of attack through which a hacker can hack your website. Attacks like SQL injection attack, brute force, phishing emails, and many such. Scanning the files and staying alert about the attacks can help one lower the damage and get it recovered in the earliest possible time.

Let us have a look at some of the remedies or methods that can remove SQL injection attack

  1. sulP.biz

sulP.biz supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, Firebird, Sybase, and various other databases for removal of an SQLi attack. The SQL map helps to detect all the SQL issues and resolve them without any hassle. 

  1. SQL Injection Test Online

SQL Injection Test Online is an innovation of Hacker Target. This online tool helps to remove SQLi with the help of an SQL map. It finds blind and error-based vulnerabilities against HTTP GET requests. Helpful to keep personal information like usernames, passwords, and credit card details intact. The benefits of using this test are it is an easy and comprehensive way to get rid of SQLi against a single URL. It tries to find every possible point of an SQL injection attack.

  1. Netsparker

Netsparker is an enterprise-ready and comprehensive test. It allows one to find more issues in the website apart from SQL injection attacks. One can also automate web security by integrating with SDLC. It is based on proof-based scanning technology that increases the trust of its clients and transparency. It also helps to find out attacks like Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Remote File Inclusions (RFI), and various other issues.

  1. Vega

This open-source security scanner can be installed on Linux, OS X, and Windows. It is a GUI-based scanning tool and uses Java language. It also finds opportunities to improve the security of your TLS server. It can be extended by using a powerful API language in JavaScript. It helps to detect and resolve issues like:

  • SQL injection attacks
  • URL injection
  • Remote file includes
  • XSS
  1. SQLMap

SQLMap is another highly used tool to detect SQLi against a regional database management system. SQLMap resolves issues related to usernames, passwords, hashes, roles, databases, tables, etc in the correct order. It is also available on Kali Linux. 

  1. SQL Injection Scanner

SQL Injection Scanner is an online tool by Pentest Tools to perform scanning of your website to find various SQL injection attacks. It performs deep research with the web application and pages to find vulnerabilities and various points of SQLi attacks. Let us have a glance at some of the beneficial points of this website scanner:

  • It gives a quick overview of the scanned report inclusive of risk rating
  • Detailed information of each risk found and its reason
  • Suggestions to improve the vulnerability and keep the website safe and secured
  • These vulnerabilities are marked according to their risk level
  1. Appspider

Appspider is an application by Rapid7 to keep your website protected and safe from more than 95 types of attacks that can destroy your website and business harshly. The vulnerability validator helps to reproduce vulnerability in real-time. Following are the attacks covered under the App side:

  • Anonymous access
  • Apache Struts Destruction
  • Blind SQL Injection
  • Brute Force
  • Business Logic Abuse, and many more.
  1. Acunetix

Acunetix is an open-web application scanner with more than 4000 websites trusting its services online. The powerful tool is capable of detecting more than 6000 vulnerabilities!!! It also suggests methods to get rid of each of the attacks and vulnerability easily. To enhance security, you can integrate the tool with CI or CD system, or an SDLC. 

  1. Wapiti

Wapiti is a black-box and python-based vulnerability scanner. It supports HTTP/HTTPS endpoint, authentication types like basic, digest, NTLM, and Kerberos. It also allows the user to generate reports in HTML, XML, JSON, and TXT format. It detects and resolves issues like:

  • SQLi and XPath
  • CRLS and XSS
  • Shellshock
  • File disclosure
  1. Scant3r

It is a light-based vulnerability scanner based on python. It searches for XSS, SQLi, RCE, and SSTI, from headers and URL parameters.


The above-mentioned tools help one to detect SQL injection attacks and resolve them. This helps to get rid of data loss and keep the website safe from such attacks. It also helps to hide vulnerabilities and lower the chances of getting a website hacked.

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