Reliable CDNs to Improve Website Performance

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) plays a vital role in maintaining the reputation of a website. hence one should opt for the best CDN. It helps in quicker page loading, better results, and obstacle-free browsing. Studies prove that a slow page is a reason many visitors leave the shopping cart even after adding their products. Hence, various websites invest in the best CDN to provide the best service to their visitors. 

Let us have a look at the importance of having a reliable and safe CDN:

  1. Performance

CDN helps to improve the performance of a website. helps in loading the pages quickly, provides quicker search results, and allows obstacle-free browsing. People immediately leave a website if it loads slowly or is unable to catch up to the required speed. Therefore, a CDN also helps to maintain loyal customers and increase the count of new customers. 

  1.  Availability

A CDN also works in conditions like excessive user traffic, potential server outages, and intermittent spikes. When the traffic load reaches millions per second it might not be able to be a cakewalk by the best of the servers as well. Under such situations, a reliable CDN serves the purpose and allows one to carry on their work without any disruptions. It also helps them get the information without any hassle or lagging problems. 

  1. Security

We all are well-acquainted with the fact that surfing on the web isn’t that safe like the good old days. There are millions of people performing online transactions in a day, many are coming up with new websites and businesses, and many are posting their blogs each second. All these perform like opportunities for hackers. The more the services on the internet are increasing so do the chances of hacking as well. CDN provides complete safety to the website owner. It helps to encrypt the personal data and secure core information from the risk of being hacked. 

Let us also have a sneak peek into some of the well-renowned and reliable CDNs one can use to improve their website performance:

  1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the highly used CDNs to improve the performance of your website and provide complete safety to it as well. It powers more than 20 million internet assets and has Post Office Protocol in more than 100 centers. One can set up their website with Cloudflare within minutes. It is a faster accessible and safer experience for a website. The higher plan of Cloudflare allows one to enjoy services like WAF, image optimization, and mobile optimization. Some of the beneficial features of Cloudflare’s free plan are:

  • Globally balanced CDN
  • Content caching
  • Rocket loader
  • IPV6
  • HTTP/2 and HTTP/3
  • WebSockets
  • Restful API
  1. ArvanCloud

ArvanCloud provides CDN service to more than 30,000 websites. It has various POPs around the world. It also provides one with a variety of cloud services. ArvanCloud ensures complete safety and quick results of the website. ArvanCloud is a fast, secured, fully-loaded with features, CDN to boost-up your website entirely. The free package involves 200GB of traffic and 10,00,000 requests per month. The mentioned CDN is accounted to be one of the most cost-effective CDN providers. 

  1. Site Accelerator by Jetpack

Jetpack’s Site Accelerator helps to load pages quickly and respond to search requests immediately. It also helps one to browse and download images instantly. Hence, platforms like WordPress prefer using Jetpack to allow their visitors to access their site smoothly. With the help of the Jetpack plugin dashboard, one can work either hosted on or self-hosted WordPress websites. Jetpack also provides Cloudinary for better image and video management in their cloud. One can also give a try to Uploadcare for enhanced image and video management. 

  1. Netlify

Netlify is another one of the best CDN providers for your website. People with static websites can opt for Netlify. It is one of the best choices of CDN for such websites. Netlify powers more than 90,000 websites successfully. Following are the benefits of Netlify’s free plan:

  • Redirect rules
  • Continuous deployment
  • Custom domain
  • Rollbacks
  • DDoS protection
  1. JS Deliver

JS Deliver helps to offload JavaScript libraries, jQuery, fonts, CSS, and a lot more for faster website browsing. It serves the files from Cloudflare, fastly, Quantil, and StackPath. It ensures the user loads multiple HTTP files with the help of one request without any traffic limit. 

  1. Hostry

Hostry is one of the best CDN providers for people who have a new startup and who have lagging problems with their website. They provide 5GB of world traffic in their free package. They have 52 POP worldwide. 


The above-mentioned services have their free packages. One can try them and choose the preferable one according to the clients and visitors of their website. The mentioned CDNs help one to experience a lagging-free and faster web browsing experience.

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