12 Best Free Tools to Scan Vulnerabilities and Malware

Scanning of website and getting the threat warnings and virus out is one of the vital steps to keep the site safe and secure. If one is more attentive towards glorifying the website and its beautification rather than the security of the website leads to easy hacking of it. Therefore, along with the development of the website one should be equally concerned about the security of the website too.

Vulnerabilities in a website deface them and lower the count of trusted visitors. Therefore, one should immediately take the action steps once vulnerabilities are caught or identified. Injecting malware content for a hacker is not a big deal until the website is secured with the help of web security software. The services provided by such software are helpful for the website to keep its content safe, helpful to maintain the firewall, removes backdoors, patch vulnerabilities, and are full of many such services.

There is various website security software available in the market. But to choose the right one is a much important task. Many of the services among these are paid while on the other hand there are various free ones available too. Let us have a glance at some of the reliable as well as FREE online web scan tools that can help you lower the burden of getting a website hacked and lower your reputation in the online market:


Sucuri is one of the free website scanner software. It is a reliable software and helps to get rid of issues like malware removal, injected spam, spam nodes, backdoors, malicious content, hacked passwords, and viruses, and various such problems. Therefore, it is a highly used web scanner software. The services provided by Sucuri are helpful and user friendly too. It is friendly with various platform working websites like WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, and many such. 


Qualys provides the service of scanning the URL and getting vital information like its expiry time, SSL and TLS version updates, the overall rating of the website, and many such benefits. Qualys also helps to check out various website vulnerabilities and remove them securely too. It also heals website misconfigurations. The scanning tool gives an accurate overall judgment of the website and helpful for decision making before getting huge changes to the website done. 


Quttera is another well-renowned website scanning tool. It helps to detect malicious files, suspicious files, spam nodes and codes, backdoors, and PhishTank. Quttera ensures safe browsing and protects the website from malicious content and its harmful side-effects. It can be used by small and enormous business organizations, enterprises, and Organizations. It is also a healthy tool for the website to stay safe and secured from the eyeing of hackers.


Intruder is a helpful vulnerability scanner. It immediately recognizes vulnerability and malicious content and removes them out for the smooth functioning of the site. It is a cloud-based scanner. The security provided by Intruder can be compared to the security of the government and bank websites. Even after such high-security standards, the functionality of the tool is easy and user-friendly. It scans issues like CMS and web application issues, Cross-Site Scripting, Missing Patches, and Misconfigurations.


UpGuard is an external web scanning-based tool. It judges the website on the public opinion and gets the website get rid of the malware issue. The scan results carried by UpGuard are categorized based on:

  • Network risk
  • Website risk
  • Security issues
  • Phishing
  • Malware detection
  • Website Security

    Site Guarding

    SiteGuarding is another helpful website recovery scanner. It helps to heal the empty passages made to hack the website. Therefore, it is a helpful scanner to get rid of the virus and malicious content. It is compatible with various platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and many such to name. it is helpful to remove malicious content and codes injected by the hacker. It also automatically lowers suspicious website visitors.


      Recently launched by Mozilla, Observatory is a web scanner that runs third party scan on your website. It is helpful to heal issues like backdoors, malicious content, suspicious files, malicious codes injected, and numerous such problems. The website scanner is a free and reliable tool to heal empty spaces and files filled with inappropriate content.

      Web Cookies Scanner

        Web Cookies Scanner is an overall website scanner. It helps to scan the website domain and detect malicious content and files. It also helps to detect vulnerabilities and fix privacy issues on HTTP. The scanner also has a free URL malware scanner.


          Detectify is a completely ethical hacker supported scanner. It continuously scans the website and immediately warns the owner in case of any harmful or hacking possibilities.


          Probely is a website security scanner to detect all the malicious content, malicious files, and vulnerabilities. One of the biggest advantageous features of Probely is it gives timely reports of the overall functioning of the website. Hence, it indicates the website owner in well-advance to keep a check on the security of the website.

          Pentest Tools

          The website scanner firm allows the website owner to get the website checked with the help of a comprehensive set of tools. The tools are basic and give an overall basic vulnerability scan. If one needs to be on the safe side and have a vulnerability scan to keep the site safe and secure, can give a shot to it.


            ImmuniWeb provides a website owner to resolve issues like:

            • PCI DSS & GDPR compliance
            • HTTP headers
            • CMS test for WordPress and Drupal, powered sites
            • Vulnerability check


            One should not be lenient about the security of the website. Reliable scanning tools and software should be a must for the security of the website. This helps to perform timely scanning and getting the overall functioning report of the website. In the market of various website scanning software, one must not blindly select a software. Deep and well-performed research helps to keep the site safe and secure and also away from the world of hacking.

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