Reliable MySQL Monitoring Software and Tools

A computer is one of the best things to store a huge amount of data for a firm or business. To store data, one needs a good and reliable database management system. The database helps one to segregate data and allow one to find the required information accordingly. Therefore, a reliable and secure database management system is all we need. MySQL is an open-source database management system that helps one to manage data without any hassle and also to have ease in operating multiple applications. 

Best MySQL Monitoring Software and Tools

Let us have a look at some of the best MySQL Software and Tools for better performance of the applications and the storage system:

  1. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is used for Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL server. the performance analyzer helps to identify the complete structure of the database and monitor its functioning. The analyzer also analyzes the time required to resolve a query and also to identify the effectiveness of the database to support other services. It is a helpful system optimization tool. The performance analyzer also helps to find out the reasons that block the query resolving activity. It also indicates one about the current happenings for immediate improvements. The analyzer also has a performance analysis tool to identify the storage capacity. It also indicates one about unusual activity happening in the database management tool. 

  1. Paessler MySQL Monitoring Tool

Paessler MySQL Monitoring Tool is another helpful tool to monitor your database. The tool is helpful to keep a constant eye on the MySQL database management server and find out the difficulties and issues with the database. In case of any issue, one immediately gets a message about it informing the owner to resolve the issue to cease further damage. One can be alerted by emails, messages, or push notifications on the phone. It also has a look at other metrics that help to improve the health of the MySQL database server. This deep check involves having a look at activities like time required to resolve queries, connection establishment, handling of transactions, and much more. One can also have a look at a particular set of data with the help of the tool. The performance of the database can be rectified as well. 

  1. Site24X7 SQL Server Monitoring 

Site24X7 is a cloud-based network. It helps to monitor servers and applications consisting of a MySQL monitoring system. It helps to monitor the after-effects of the database after an SQL query. It also has a look at space available in physical devices such as CPU, disk space, and memory. The tool immediately alerts one when the storage is full and has reached its limit. The tool traces an application deeply to find any issues. It also pays attention to other issues such as slow queries, aborted clients, threads, and open files. This helps to improve the performance of the database management tool. It also keeps an eye on temporary tables available on the disk. 

  1. Datadog Database Monitoring

The database management tool helps one to identify the issues of the MySQL server and it also identifies slow-running queries on the server and suggests recommended solutions. It also helps to find the limitations of the system resource. It also provides one with end-to-end application tracing along with supported services. The tool runs a deep scan of the applications and identifies the root causes of slow responses. The tool also tracks the performance of all the MySQL instances of the account holders. The tool is trusted by multiple well-known enterprises like The Washington Post, 21st Century Fox, Samsung, and many more.  

  1. ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an integrated application monitoring tool ideal for monitoring servers, database management servers like MySQL, applications, big data stores, ERP packages, and much more. Its simple architecture doesn’t involve any pre-installation procedure. The tool monitors more than 100 key performance indicators and sensors. This helps to immediately report even the slightest issue. One can discover applications with the help of a single click. In case of any issue, one immediately gets a notification through a message or email. Advanced reporting tools help to provide one with an updated report of the database server. Reports can help to plan the capacities of the server accordingly and eliminate waste. It offers one with support languages like English, German, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and much more.  

  1. Nagios MySQL Monitoring

Nagios MySQL Monitoring provides one with information like availability, cache ratios, and other key metrics of the MySQL databases. The tool instantly monitors any issues and health of the database server. it also helps to improve the performance of the database. It immediately reports one in case of any outages, failures, and database corruption. Prediction of storage requirements helps in the capacity planning of the database. The tool comes with a built-in template. 


The above-mentioned MySQL monitoring tools and software are helpful to maintain and have a look at the overall health of the SQL database server. These tools and software are essential to monitor the MySQL server and get rid of its issues right away. MySQL powers multiple applications hence the server needs a tool for complete management and its optimization.   

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