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Password hacking is one of the highly practiced activities by hackers. It is used to crack into the confidential information of a website. Cracking a password by unethical hackers can make one bankrupt within the blink of an eye too!!! Therefore, it is always suggested to have a look at the terms and conditions of the online transaction of a website to stay safe and secured always. Password hacking can also lead to leakage of confidential information in the case of government websites, a bank website, or any monetary transaction website. Such websites have high-security firewalls and vulnerability scanners. In the case of ethical hacking passwords, guessing helps the individual to know the right password and retrieve the data.

Ways of Hacking Passwords

  1. Brute Force Attack

A brute force attack involves trying of various combinations and guessing the password method. In this method, the hacker applies all the possible combinations to crack the password and enter into the confidential information of an individual or the website. though this method is an old one but is still highly preferred by hackers. The method requires a lot of time and might take password guessing from few moments to even months!!! In case the password is successfully applied by the hacker they can gain access to various confidential reports, files, and credit or debit card details. One can also transfer money to one’s account and empty the hacked individual’s account.

  1. Password Guessing

This is one of the basic methods to crack a password. It involves checking out the files of the website or the system and guessing the password accordingly. This is also a time-consuming procedure but is still used by hackers. It involves guessing the password by making the combination from the name, pet name, or date of birth of the individual, which is the first and preferred way by many people.

Various Hacking Methods

  1. Keylogger

A keylogger is a software that can help in guessing the password by the number of keys pressed on the keypad and also the number of times they are pressed. This is an ethical software to help people who forget their password and are not able to gain access to their personal information. The hacking of this software can leak all the data and allow one to have a look at the highly pressed keys on the keyboard and make a combination out of it.

  1. Denial of Service Attack

Denial of Service or DoS attack is one of the highly practiced attacks that crash down a victim’s website completely. It spikes the traffic of a website instantly making the server difficult to manage the website and getting it crashed completely. Therefore, one should be careful enough about the security of the website and stay protected from such kind of attacks.

  1. Fake WAP

In the case of Fake WAP, the hacker cheats a wireless access point to gain access into the network. Once entered into the desired network the hacker can retrieve all the required and necessary information. 

  1. Phishing

Phishing is a highly used and one of the old hacking techniques. It involves sending a fraudulent email to the victim. Once the email is opened by the victim it immediately injects virus and malicious codes into the individual’s system. This enables the hacker to gain all the personal and private information from the hacked system.

  1. ClickJacking Attacks

As the name suggests, ClickJacking attacks are performed with the help of clicking on an infected website link. This usually happens with people who try to download an app, stream movies or download videos, and browse torrent websites. It is used to gain personal information through these websites.

Tips to avoid Password Hacking

  • Create lengthy passwords.
  • Create difficult and hack-proof passwords.
  • Use uppercase characters, special characters, and a combination of alphabets and numbers, to make the password strong and hack-proof. 
  • Keep on changing the password periodically to avoid hacking and keep the account safe and secured. 


The following article describes how to keep a password safe and secure. One should scan a website and try to patch the vulnerabilities to avoid hacking a website. One should also pay attention to the strength of a password and not neglect it. Though maintaining a password strength is a neglected fact by various people but can be disastrous as well. Therefore, it should be given proper attention as well.

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