Guide to Protect from a DDoS Attack

Nowadays staying connected to people and staying updated is not just a fad to follow but has become a necessity. Staying updated and connected to the information going around the whole world is important. In these pandemic times, many people chose to run their business online and not just relying on the factual sale and purchase of a business. Hence the creation of various websites, eCommerce business, and creation of various introductory blogs, had been observed around us.

This has not just helped people to run their business and reach out to maximum people but has also created a huge pool for hackers to gain information from various websites and target soft people who are new in the generation of the e-commerce business. May it is a gaming website, a blog, a normal website, or even official government or bank websites, anything can be hacked by hackers today to gain vital information of an individual or an organisation. Therefore, staying knowledgeable about the security of one’s website is an important fact too.

What is a DDoS Attack?

DDoS is the abbreviation for Disturbed Denial of Service. it states the fact that anything or any operation related to the internet can be hacked with the help of a DDoS attack. One of the major ways to recognise this form of attack is it suddenly gives a spike to the data traffic of the website.  A DDoS attack is not just limited to an entrepreneur or local websites. It can damage high-end secured websites such as NASA probe, high-end banking websites, and government sector websites too!!!

These DDoS attacks can vary according to their size. The more the enormous size of the attack is the more is damage done. Such attacks by being done easily by hackers without any hassle. It’s just a matter of click by the website owner and the whole damage is done to the running website within seconds. The DDoS attack is not a specified or automated one. It can randomly happen with any website and ruin its whole functioning.

Unhealthy Traffic on Website

Many people are unable to identify a DDoS attack as its subtle way is to give a huge spike to the traffic of the data. Hence, many times the website owners are confused between the facts, whether the site is running positively or it’s a DDoS attack??? Many times a website can run down due to a sudden traffic spike. Therefore, it is advised to keep complete knowledge about website security as well.

A DDoS attack can slow down the website of an individual within seconds. Hence, the visitors visiting the website will not be able to surf smoothly to the website and will immediately check out the other competing ones. Hence, such strategies are adopted by fellow competitors to divert the traffic to another website. a hacker can perform a DDoS attack on a website numerous times in a day after a certain period.

Steps to Identify a DDoS attack

  1. A sudden spike in data traffic
  2. Unable to find the website
  3. Unable to access smoothly through the website

Ways to Get Rid of a DDoS Attack

  • Manual Scanning

Once in a while give a check to all the activities of the website being performed. This helps to have a look over all the activities and their functioning as well.

  • Broaden Capacity

Increase the capacity of the website so that the visitors can surf smoothly through it and do not have any complaints. Installing a reliable firewall is the best way to do it.

  • Professional Help

Many companies do not wish to heal their affected website on their own. Hence, such companies take professional help to get rid of the DDoS attack.

  • Stay alert

One should not deny the fact that a website can be hacked at any moment. Hence, it is advised to be financially prepared in case of DDoS attacks. Because such attacks do not just ruin one mentally but financially as well.

  • Use a Firewall

One of the best ways to avoid fake traffic is the use of a firewall. A firewall not only protects a website from fake traffic spikes but also helps to get rid of malicious codes injected by the hacker and suspicious files too.


Though beautifying a website bring a lot of profit to the owner, but on the other hand, one should not neglect the website’s security. One should be prepared mentally as well as financially to handle the damages caused due to these attacks. One should also stay updated about the types of attacks that can be performed by a hacker or at the least one can stay in touch with professional help to deal with such situations.

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