Top 10 Safe and Reliable Vulnerability Tools

Vulnerability is one of the biggest fears of a website owner. Because it is the loophole for hackers to hack a website and damage all the original files. Vulnerability leads to the destruction of files and damages the original files with the malicious ones. Hence, the visitors can view the contents on the website that are not relatable and appropriate. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain complete security of the website and patch all the loopholes that can be a way for access to the website for the hackers. 

Responsibility of Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Vulnerability Assessment Tools help to patch the loopholes and make them safe and secure. One should invest in reliable and safe tools rather than the ones that are not able to do deep research and find the root cause of the hack. Let us have a look at some of the points to remember that is necessary to choose a reliable and safe vulnerability assessment tool:

  • Understand the basic structure of the company and its management system.
  • Have an overlook of the website and trace the data, systems, and applications that promote the daily working of the business.
  • Have a look at the sources that are rarely used and have the permit to make changes in the regular data entry sources.
  • Classify the virtual and physical business applications that help in the working and smooth functioning of the website.
  • Track the implemented security methods.

Safe and Reliable Vulnerability Scanners

    Comodo cWatch Vulnerability Scanner

    Comodo cWatch Vulnerability Scanner is a well-renowned vulnerability scanner. The security of visitors and the website is completely taken care of with the help of this scanner.  The scanner also provides a virtual scanner in case of online payments and transactions to ensure the complete safety of the visitors and to maintain their trust. It also helps to avoid drive-by attacks which are among the dangerous attacks. Let us have a look at some other benefits of the Comodo cWatch Vulnerability Scanner:

    • Lower cart abandonment
    • Regular vulnerability scanning
    • PCI scanning tools
    • Conversion of visitors into buyers
    • Maintaining the trust of visitors and existing customers

    Open VAS

      Open VAS is an open-source tool that provides an option for vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management as well. It supports various platforms. The engines of the scanner are in constant contact with Network Vulnerability Test. Open VAS is complete and all in one vulnerability scanner that looks out for various issues of a website being hacked and also check the systems in which the site is being browsed. One can avail of the services of the scanners free of cost.

      Nexpose Community

        Nexpose Vulnerability Scanner is an open-source scanning tool too. It helps to identify the causes of vulnerabilities and have a check at the network and serves as well. The scanner can be incorporated into the Metasploit framework. The scanner scans the history of the malware as well. It identifies the type of the malware, the ways it can destroy the website, and then fixes the issue accordingly. A new device that has installed Nexpose Vulnerability Scanner in it then the scanner automatically scans the website once it is opened on the system to avoid injection of any viruses in the PC.


        Nikto is another highly used and trusted vulnerability scanner. It helps to scan the website and find the vulnerabilities and their cause as well. It also helps to find the loopholes through which damage is done to the website and its visitors. The scanner helps to find the obstacles in the functioning of the server and also helps to find out whether the operating server is outdated or a new version.  It runs various scans to find vulnerabilities and malware in different files of the PC. It can test a web server ASAP.

        Tripwire IP360

          Tripwire IP360 is another well-renowned vulnerability assessment tool that is used by various enterprises and agencies to manage their security issues. It scans all the applications, configurations, and network hosts used by the website. It also scans the vulnerabilities from every nook and corner. With the open standards, the scanner can scan various business operations of the website and find the root cause of injection and the appearance of vulnerability.


            Wireshark is a helpful vulnerability scanning tool used for ages by various enterprises and firms. It is used by an official website like government websites, bank websites, educational institutions, and many such enterprises. The scanner helps to identify and do deep research to find the cause and cease re-hacking of a website. It catches the issues online but resolves them offline. It runs on various platforms as well.


              Aircrack vulnerability scanner scans the issues found in the WiFi network. It is also used for network auditing. It supports various operating systems like Linux, OS X, Solaris, NetBSD, Windows, etc. various areas of WiFi security are observed by the scanner. The scanner also captures the lost data packets to retrieve the keys lost due to vulnerabilities found.

              Nessus Professional

                Nessus Professional is a certified vulnerability scanning tool. It ceases the penetrating ways that help to identify a vulnerability for the hacker. It emphasizes the vulnerabilities that hack sensitive data of the website. The scanner is used by various users to protect their website.

                Retina CS Community 

                  Retina CS Community is an online open-source scanner that helps to scan vulnerabilities and help in its management in a simplified and centralized manner. It performs cross-platform vulnerability with features like compliance reporting, patching and configuration planning, and various such features. To manage the network security, it is a cost-effective, time-saving, and effortless scanner.

                  Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA)

                    MBSA is a windows-based security scanner. It examines a group of computers to detect any vulnerabilities found and available patches. It scans security updates, service packs, and update rollups. It is used by medium-sized and small enterprises to scan their security networks. After the scanning is done the report suggests various ways and methods remove the malware and vulnerabilities. 


                    The following article presents various vulnerability assessment tools and their uses. It also states the importance of a scanning tool and the criteria to be considered while selecting the scanner. A scanner helps to detect vulnerabilities and lower the chances of a website being hacked.

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