How to Fix Malicious WordPress Files?

WordPress is one of the popular websites and blog creation sites. Therefore, the chances of it being hacked are double compared to other sites. Certain files, themes, and plugins of WordPress are sensitive containing confidential information. This leads to hackers finding various ways to hack such files. It gives them access to confidential information like usernames, passwords, credential details, and many such important informative things. Therefore, one must keep their WordPress site safe and secure.

Negligent behavior for the security of the website can lead to its hacking and getting all the important information leaked from the database of the website. once vulnerability in a WordPress website is detected it becomes easy for the hackers to create more and ruin the website to the roots. Let us have a look at some of the sensitive WordPress files that are more prone to hacking:

  • wp-config.php file
  • index.php file
  • .htaccess file
  • footer.php and header.php files
  • functions.php file
  • wp-load.php file
  • class-wp-cache.php file

Steps to Clean Hacked WordPress Files  

  1. Cleaning of Files

Cleaning of the files is the first step to restore a website. This helps to keep the site safe and secure. The next step is to detect the cause of the files being hacked. In such cases scan the sensitive WordPress files like wp-config.php and index.php files. These files contain important information from the database such as passwords and usernames. Once the malicious and unwanted codes are detected delete them. After deleting the codes make a backup of the files. In case you don’t have a backup then you can contact your web host for the same. Take professional help if you are in doubt because in the process of code removal if any step goes wrong it might break the site.

  1. Secure the Site with the Help of Plugins

With the help of plugins, CMS files can be modified by hackers. Therefore, in case of any such modified file immediately scan the website. Once the changes in the core files are detected scan the files with the help of a malware scanning solution. This helps to identify original modified files and scan them immediately. The scanning software also helps to scan other files and detect malicious codes to delete them. The scan report gives an overall idea of the working of the website and also the reason for the hack.

  1. WP Hardening Plugin

Hiding of sensitive files is very important to keep confidential information safe and secure. These files are highly preyed on by hackers to gain access to a website. Therefore, to keep such files safe one needs to use WP Hardening Plugin. This plugin helps to hide sensitive files like wp-contents and wp-uploads. Just a click of a button can help one to perform this operation. WP Hardening Plugin also helps to secure other files and make it a task for hackers to hack the website.

  1. Update WordPress

Updating themes, plugins, and files of WordPress helps to keep its security up to date and strengthen the website. This also helps to patch the loopholes through which a hacker can hack the website. An old version of the website can aid a hacker to seep into the confidential files of the website and ruin the entire business. 

  1. WordPress Firewall

A firewall is the best way to secure a site from all sides. It helps to block unknown and malicious traffic. It also helps to heal the affected files and keep one protected from harmful hacks like the wp-config.php hack. There are various firewalls available in the market today. Select the best and reliable one to keep the security of your website upgraded. 

  1. Penetration Testing

WordPress being one of the popular platforms, hackers are always in awe to find any of the available vulnerabilities and add more to it. Hence to avoid such situations penetration testing is one of the best ways. This helps to work as an attack against the web application or a system. This helps to know the security steps one needs to carry out in case of a real and harmful attack. Therefore, one should carry such kind of testing to ensure complete safety.


The last piece of advice would be to keep your WordPress files safe and secure to avoid attracting the eyes of hackers. One should also be aware of various forms of attack and the files that are more prone to being hacked. Complete safety and security of the website increases its life and makes one run a business or blog smoothly. Add website security to your business now!

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