How to Scan your WordPress Database and Protect your Website?

A database of a website includes information of the website in a structured format. It helps in easy segregation of data and allows one to find particular information within no time. Hence, the database is an important part of WordPress-managed websites. If the database is hacked the hacker immediately gets information about the website’s details and other important information. It also gives the hacker the access to divert the website to other malicious content to gain unwanted traffic. Hence, one should run random scans on their website to keep it safe and at bay from eyeing of hackers. 

A hacked WordPress can be identified by signs like the appearance of unknown tables and URLs. It is a common issue faced by WordPress site owners. One can clean their database by manually scanning it or with the help of a WordPress plugin. One can take professional help to clean their database manually. The process is a time-consuming one.  People who do not have any technical expertise are advised to use a plugin to scan the website.

What is a WordPress Database?

A WordPress Database is a place where the whole information of the WordPress website is stored in a structured format. The database is automatically created when a WordPress website is made. MySQL- a database management system that is used for the creation of the database. MySQL stores as well as retrieve the information. This helps to store the data posted on the website in the database and retrieve it when a visitor visits the published post. 

A WordPress database can be accessed only by the website owner. It can be accessed by someone else only when the owner shares credentials with others. But hackers these days take the advantage of an open backdoor of the website and immediately hack the website. But it can be healed with professional help or one can also recover their website by following the steps mentioned below.

Ways used by Hackers to Hack a WordPress Database

There 2 highly used ways that hackers use to hack a WordPress database:

  • Launching SQL Injection Attacks – Various WordPress site owners allow their users to input their details or share their opinion on the posted blogs or content. These input fields can be exploited by hackers by entering malicious code into them. The comments inserted in these fields are stored in the database of the website. Hence, when malicious codes are injected into these spaces the hackers immediately and easily have a gateway to crash the database of the website and redirect it according to their benefit.
  • Launching Brute Force Attacks – Brute Force attack is practiced by hackers by guessing the username and password of your account. If the owner of the website has kept a simple and easy-to-guess username and password then it can be guessed by the hacker to exploit the database. Therefore, it is advised to keep a hard combination of username and password for complete safety. If you suspect that your database is hacked then you should immediately scan and clean it.

Steps to Clean a WordPress Database 

There are various methods to clean a WordPress Database. Let us have a glance at a few of them:

  1. Cleaning the Database using a Plugin

Cleaning the WordPress database manually might take much time for the website owner. In such situations, time is a highly valued aspect. Therefore, it is advised to take professional help to perform the whole procedure at a quicker pace.

  1. Cleaning the Database using MalCare Security Plugin        
  • Download and install MalCare Security Plugin. 
  • Add your website to the MalCare Dashboard.
  • The plugin will immediately start a WordPress MalCare scan to detect the malicious injected codes and other forms of malware. 
  • The plugin will immediately inform the owner if it detects any malware in the database. 
  • After detection of malware, the owner needs to clean it immediately. The plugin provides one with an Auto-clean option on MalCare’s dashboard to clean the database. 
  1. Cleaning the Database Manually

One can identify a malicious database by the presence of malicious PHP functions. These malicious codes are inserted to perform certain functions. Unknown Link and iFrames also disturb the functioning of the database. These links are disguised so that the owners can’t identify them examining the website code can help identify these links. Having a WordPress Database Backup is one of the essential things. It helps one to restore the original data after the complete cleaning of the database.


WordPress Database being hacked is an alarming call for the website owner that one has not paid proper attention to the security of the website. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to WordPress Security Measures and keep your website safe and secure. Using a security plugin and scanning the database and website daily helps one to keep the security measures updated.

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