Importance of Hardening your WordPress Website Security

WordPress is one of the most reliable platforms for the creation of your website and blogs. Hence, we find the maximum number of websites powered and hosted by WordPress. Though it is a reliable platform the website owners should be careful about the security of their websites personally too. Hackers always keep prying on various websites to get their intentions done and sell their products. They can also use your website traffic to gain popularity to sell their products. Hence, it is advised to stay cautious and take complete care of the safety of your website. 

Basic Steps to Improve Security of your Website

Let us have a look at some of the basic and mandatory steps one should follow to keep your website protected:

  • Set a strong password
  • Know the importance of a strong password
  • Permit for least privilege permissions
  • Install and run SSL
  • Setup a reliable WordPress security plugin

 Important Steps to Harden WordPress Security

  1. 2 Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication is usually required where the chances of brute force attacks are high. These attacks involve hackers guessing the accurate combination of username and password. The hackers can also find important information on your website if the data is leaked on another website. 2-factor authentication helps to cease this step. The procedure asks you to fill in your login credentials and then send you an OTP on your phone. This helps to harden the security of your website and lower the chances of a website being hacked. 

  1. Limit Login Attempts

Limited login attempts are helpful to avoid brute force attacks and avoid bots getting into the personal details of your account. Therefore, website like bank websites and other high-end secured websites allow one only 3 attempts to login into your account. If all the attempts are failed then one immediately gets locked out of the account. WordPress by default allows the users to experience unlimited times of login attempts. But one can limit them by changing the coding with technical help. One can also do so with the help of a WordPress plugin or a security plugin. 

  1. Keep an Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log plugin helps one to keep an eye on all the activities of the website. Hence, the website owners can have a look at the activities of the users like login, logout, changes made, content uploaded, and various other activities. These things help the website owners to have complete information about the happenings of their website. The plugin immediately lets the owner identify any form of suspicious activity happening. 

  1. Set up a Web Application Firewall

Setting up of web application firewall helps one to immediately keep a hacker at a bay from hacking your website. The firewall scans the IP address of the device. If the IP address had been involved in a malicious attack previously then they are not allowed to have access to your site and are blacklisted from surfing your website. Hence, using a reliable security plugin helps you to keep your website safe and secure. 

  1. Disable File Editor

If the hacker gets access to your WordPress Administrator Account then the hacker can easily bring changes to the appearance of your website. Changes can be made in the themes and contents of the website along with changes in the database of the website. This can harm the image of your website and defame it. The trusted and old visitors of the website might not feel safe and secure as they used to previously with the website. 

Hence, to cease these happenings one can disable the file editor manually with technical help or one can use the ‘Disable file Editor’ feature is available in MalCare security. This helps to hide the file editor option and lower the chances of a website being hacked and allow the hacker to make changes to your website.


Hardening the security of your WordPress website helps you to keep it at a bay from the prying of hackers. If we don’t pay much attention to security measures then the hackers can defame a website easily and make one lose the reputation of the business. Therefore, it is essential to use a reliable WordPress Security Login and take advantage of its essential services.

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