How to Clean Hacked WordPress JavaScript Files?

WordPress is popular not just among the people to create blogs and websites but is also popular among hackers. JavaScript is a way to beautify a website. may it be an interesting script or attractive features of the website, all of it can be done with the help of JavaScript. Hence, the chances of JavaScript being hacked are high as well. It contains sensitive information that can be leaked if preyed on by hackers. Therefore, one must be careful about the security of the website. Attractive webpages can be created with the help of JavaScript combined with HTML5 and CSS3.

How can Malicious JavaScript Ruin a Website?

In the case of WordPress, the server-side contains JavaScript files. These files can be easily attacked by hackers to gain access to sensitive and confidential information. This can be done by harming the security of the server. This form of attack doesn’t need user interaction that makes the system of the innocent visitor weak that automatically downloads the malicious files injected in the JavaScript. Therefore, when a visitor opens up the website the malicious and hacked files along with viruses immediately are downloaded in the system and ruins it too.

Drive-By Attacks

When the hackers affect WordPress through JavaScript Malware the malicious files are automatically downloaded in the visitor’s system. The moment an infected WordPress website is opened by an individual the malicious files harm the user’s PC. This attack is known as Drive-By Attack. the moment this malware is inserted into the user’s system they try to find vulnerabilities of the system that helps to gain access to the confidential files. Through this attack, the hacker can also transfer this information to various other hackers or people he wishes to.

Reasons for the WordPress JavaScript Malware File

One of the important ways to heal a file is identifying the cause of the hack. This helps to detect the malware and get rid of it in the least possible time. This also helps to be acquainted with the security of the website. Let us have a look at some of the causes that can lead to malicious files hack a WordPress JavaScript:

  • Scan the backup
  • Search for terms and codes on search engine
  • Examine raw access logos
  • Scan WordPress plugins and themes
  • Scan WordPress database

Steps to Clean WordPress JavaScript Malware

  1. Remove Malware from Themes

Themes and plugins are more prone to being hacked by hackers. Therefore, in the process of cleaning a hacked website one should scan the themes and plugins. This helps to get rid of the maximum amount of malware and get the website cleaned and function smoothly.

  1. Re-install themes and Plugins

After cleaning up the malicious themes and plugins one needs to install the new and fresh one. This helps to get an updated version of the themes. One should download the premium themes rather than the old or the ones that are not maintained properly. Themes and Plugins are the basic steps in WordPress to create a website. therefore, they should always be updated and secured. 

  1. Re-installing WordPress

If the above-mentioned steps are unable to remove malware from the JavaScript of the WordPress website then one can finally re-install WordPress to have a new beginning of each file. This also involves reinstallation of themes and plugins. Web hosting control panel involves one-click installation which makes the process simpler and time-saving. One can use the database credentials to get a backup of the data and link it with the new downloaded WordPress. 

  1. Scan your System

Scanning the system after cleaning the WordPress website helps to keep the system clean too. This also helps to keep the system free from the attack of various viruses. Hence, this also ceases the loopholes for hackers to hack a system. 

  1. Install Security Plugin

In case if you are not able to detect the cause of a WordPress JavaScript hack then you can simply install a security plugin to keep the site safe and secure. One can use plugins like Shield WordPress Security, Anti-Malware Security, and Brute-Force Firewall to remove all forms of malicious files and codes.


The following article is to create awareness about the security of WordPress websites. Themes and Plugins play a major role in WordPress websites hence they are more prone to being hacked. Therefore, it is important to secure your WordPress website as well.

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