9 Reliable WordPress Security and Vulnerability Scanners

WordPress is one of the leading websites and blog creators. The moment a blog or a website has created the chances of it getting hacked are equal to. Therefore, once the website is created one should be concerned about its security too. Reliable website scanners are helpful for the security of the website and also provide vital information with the help of timely scanning reports.

Let us have a look at some of the important features of a vulnerability scanner:

Removal of Malicious Codes and Content

A vulnerability scanner helps to get rid of vulnerable files and content. A hacker injects malicious codes and runs vulnerable content. A scanner scans such suspicious files and alerts the website owner to get rid of them instantly.

Timely Reports

Few website scanners also provide timely scan reports of the website and inform the owner about the overall functioning of the website. The report also marks flagged files and suspicious content found in recent days. 

Removal of Backdoors

Hackers always think ahead and try to re-hack a website. For this purpose, they create backdoors and name them with the original files present on the website. But these files are located in the wrong directories which makes them easy to locate. Hence, it is necessary to detect backdoors and cease new ways of the hackers to damage a website again. 

9 WordPress Vulnerability Scanners


    Geekflare is one of the famous website scanners. It helps to detect malicious content and heal the website quickly. Have a check at the core website, its plugin, and themes, to check any vulnerabilities and available malicious content. It is one of the WordPress reliable scanners to keep the website safe and secure.


      SUCURI is another well-known website scanner. It helps to identify if the website is blacklisted and has been flagged as a harmful one by the web scan authority. One can also install its plugin to scan WordPress files from the admin dashboard.

      Hacker Target

        Hacker Target is another website scanner used by WordPress. It helps to deal with issues like:

        • Brute force
        • Web Hosting Reputation
        • Safe Google Browsing test
        • iFrames
        • Linked JavaScript


          Detectify is another enterprise-level website scanner. It helps to give a basic overall report of the website and its security. It is a WordPress supportive scanner. Hence, one in search of a basic website security scanner can look out for Detectify.


            WPSEC is a WP supportive website scanner. It helps to give an overall report of the website security and its current functioning. It immediately detects if any vulnerable theme, plugin, or code is found.

            Security Ninja

            Security Ninja is another reliable WP scanner. It is an easy and user-friendly scanner to detect all forms of website issues and malicious content in just one click. It also helps to find any vulnerable themes and vulnerable plugins.


            Pentest-Tools also have a scan of the website to detect harmful plugins and themes. The scanner is also available with an option to download the scan report in PDF form.

            WP Neuron

              WP Neuron is a WordPress supportive website scanner. It also helps to heal hacked and damaged core files, themes, and plugins. It also has a check at the passwords to cease brute-force attacks and stop the damage caused due to it. 


                Quttera plugin is a reliable website scanner. Once can scan their website with the help WordPress admin dashboard that immediately sends a request to Quttera to scan the website. It helps to detect malicious activity that damages a website and lower the goodwill of the website owner. It also consists of benefits like:

                • Check WordPress core files
                • Password and pattern security
                • Injection of PHP shells detection


                The above-mentioned WP scanners are helpful to detect any form of vulnerability injected into the website, themes, or plugins. They also help to get the damage healed from the malicious codes injected. If the damage to the website is severe and irreparable by oneself, then it is advised to go in for professional help and get the hacked website back in business ASAP!!!

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